So close!

Y'all, we are getting so close! If you follow our Facebook page, or Instagram account, you know that we are probably traveling in August. It will be almost a year from the time we saw this face, until we have him in our arms.
We are currently reaching out to family, friends, and some of our favorite shops in hopes for donations for our online adoption auction. 
Let me just say, adoption is a humbling experience. I don't know anyone, personally, who can fund their own adoption. Donations are a huge part of bringing orphans home to a forever family. We definitely hadn't planned on pursuing adoption, and when we felt The Lord's call to do so, we didn't have $40,000 in the bank. 
The remainder of what we have to fund is for travel, and for the orphanage "donation", which I find funny, because it isn't so much a donation, but a $5,000 obligatory fee. Nevertheless, it has to be paid. 
Are you a business owner, artisan, crafter, baker, or seamstress? Do you make cards, make incredible pastries, have a knack for photography, or sell from your home? Do you have any gift cards you won't use, a lakehouse stay to offer up, hotel points to donate, or design services to offer? We would be incredibly grateful and honored for your gift to our auction, and give your business some advertisement in the process. We will obviously post on our adoption auction page, as well Instagram accounts, and Facebook. 
More than anything, we would covet your continued prayers. We will be sending a care package to Finn this week that will include a photo book of our family, a small Lego set, and a couple of other small things. Please pray that he is being well cared for, that his caretakers will give him our package, and will help him understand what is happening. Pray for his heart to be softened to us, and that the transition from there, to here will not be too incredibly traumatic. Also, please pray for strength and wisdom for us in the waiting, while we are traveling, and in our first months home with him. 
There is such a large scope of what might happen. When you speak with your social worker, they try to prepare for all of the "what ifs". Those what ifs can be terrifying. They could also never happen and the transition could be very easy. We obviously hope and pray for the latter, but we won't know until we have him. 
We will be sending the orphanage a list of questions that we hope to have answered as well. We are looking for more information about his health, his likes and dislikes, and allergies, his size (so we can get clothes for him), among other things we are super excited to find out, as well as things that will help us in treating his Cerebral Palsy. We hope to reach out to Scottish Rite with this updated information to see what therapies will need to be looked into.
Thank you again for walking with us in this journey and for being so supportive in the process. It seems like it's taking forever, but like it is coming quickly all at the same time. 
If you feel led to make a donation, please comment below, or feel free to contact me via email ( or call/text me.

Many blessings!


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