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We walked off the plane and into a swarm of wonderful friends and family welcoming us home. Bless their hearts, we were tired, and emotional, and so ready to be home. We smiled, and hugged, and chatted about our trip, and Finn. We got our luggage and headed home, ready to begin our life as a family of 6, all under one roof. Even if we were still doing the hard things, we were doing them together, and in our familiar and cozy surroundings. There truly is no place like home.
Fast forward to today. We have been home a little over 2 weeks and we have had the expected ups and downs of bringing a stranger into your home who doesn't speak English and feels as much a fish out of water as we did in his home country, but he is alone and we had each other to commiserate with.
It is impossible to put into words the mountains of challenges and joyous victories we have experienced, mostly because the majority of it is a blur. I will tell you this: You can never understand the complexities of em…

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