How you can help.

Adoption is crazy expensive y'all.
Here is the breakdown of our adoption budget. It varies for domestic vs. international, but this is specifically for China. We have an online giving site through Pure Charity ( if you would like to partner with us. Your donation is tax deductible and goes straight to our adoption agency.
We believe that the Lord calls us to care for the widows and orphans, but we also know that not everyone is called to bring a child into their home. We feel that is OUR call, but would love to give our friends and family an opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet by being a part of this process. We would be honored and incredibly grateful for anything you feel led to give. Also, please know that we covet your prayers as well. Please pray that Finn is being loved and cherished in the orphanage until we can get there and love on him like only family can. Please pray that he have an open heart and mind to his new home, and prepare his heart for leaving his current place and being a part of our family in a foreign country and with people who don't speak his language. Also pray that he is healthy, and that he have no additional health or cognitive issued that we have not been made aware of. But most of all, pray that this process come in The Lord's timing and that he will prepare all of our hearts and minds for what is to come. We are not naive, and have been educated on all of the "hard things" that come with adopting a child. We pray and believe that he has been cared well for, and that his nannies care about him. We know that love, attention, affection, hugs, kisses, food, comfort, and family will help him in more ways than we can imagine, but until then, we wait. It is much harder than I thought it would be, but in the meantime, until we have him here with us, we will enjoy our last summer as a family of 5, and prepare for his homecoming. We thank God for his faithfulness thus far, and pray for His supernatural provision in the moths to come. Thank you for following our journey, and thank you for being a part of this with us.

Our Adoption Budget


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